Gathering and listening

Dyslexia Logo_final_zoomedin_BWFaith is now in 9th grade.  We had a meeting with her school guidance counselor this week because they have requested that she be retested to provide benchmark results for high school and college.  In January we will go through a parent meeting at Providence Behavioral Health and she will have four hours of testing to re-assess her learning and her dyslexia.

As we make more contacts with families involved with learning advocacy for their children and for the dyslexia cause, it becomes even clearer that so much work can be done in this area.  We gather their names to contact them, listen to their stories and are excited to see where this first documentary takes us. 

We are happy to report that we have the help of a Millersville University editing assistant intern in the spring 2013 semester, and look forward to working toward completion of this documentary.   Faith and I decided a long time ago, that if helps only one family then we feel good about telling her personal story and our family’s journey.

One of the big national dyslexia stories theses days is the one about the change in the American Psychiatric Association (APA) codes for all mental health disorders currently recognized?  Yes, dyslexia has been listed in the code in previous versions.  Advocates and educators talk of the difference that the 2013 updated DSM 5 will make for a possible “diagnosis” of dyslexia.  In a nutshell, the DSM 5 proposed revisions would remove the term dyslexia from the diagnostic guide.  A very good resource for more information can be found at

If you know of a family who would like to tell their dyslexia story, please reach out to them and share the contact information for this project.  Thank you. 


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