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Hi, my name is Faith and I was diagnosed with dyslexia at the end of second grade.  As my parents tried to learn more about dyslexia we found that there is very little available about stories of other dyslexics.  I am excited to be able to share my story and hear other stories.  As we make the documentary I will be periodically blogging.  I will write about the process and about helpful hints I experience when learning. 

“We must learn how to learn before gaining knowledge”

My first topic is about letting people know you are dyslexic.  I know that it may be hard but I have found it is better in the long run.  It’s a lot easier to tease someone if they get upset.  It is easier for you to take it but also stand up for yourself.  Let them know that you have dyslexia, then ask them,”Did you know that people with dyslexic brains work faster but they just have so much more information to go through?”  Learning fun facts about dyslexia can be a good way to boost your self confidence.

Throughout the next few weeks I will post some dyslexia fun facts and quotes.

Dyslexics:  Albert Einstein,  Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, John Lennon.

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