Executive Producer/Director/Editor

Stacey O. Irwin, Ph.D., Professor, Millersville University


 Stacey is a professor in the Department of Communication and Theatre at  Millersville University near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She has been producing visual and audio work for twenty-six years professionally, since her first college internship.  She has taught all kinds of media production courses for eighteen years at two different universities. For a complete understanding of her skill set and experience please see

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Producer & Featured Talent: Faith M. Irwin

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Faith wears many hats in this project. She is the inspiration and the driving force behind our curiosity about dyslexia. She wrote the interview questions, interviewed most of the participants in the film, and created an early trailer to publicize the project. Next up, editing! Faith is in college and attended Children’s Dyslexia Center of Lancaster and graduated from their three-year program in 2010. When she is not working with this project, she is an Irish dance teacher and a college student in the Entertainment Technology program at Millersville  University.

Music Compose: Alexander Sumoski (2019)


Titles and Motion Graphics: Anthony Burgos (2019)

Color Grading and Correction: James Machado (2019)

Postproduction Transcriptionist: Brianna Garber (2015)

BriannaBrianna lent her talents to this project in the area of transcription.  She typed pages and pages to create an interview transcript we used to find the perfect parts that name our interviewees’ experiences. Brianna graduated from Millersville University double majoring in Communication and Psychology.  We were grateful to have her on the team.

Production Assistant: Daniel J. Irwin (2014)


Camera assistance and production assistant on two of our interview shoots.

Intern: Kelly James (2013)

Kelly  Kelly interned on this project in her senior year of college at Millersville University. Thank you for helping us out Kelly.