Dyslexiastories.com is a website where we share information about the documentary film Raising Faith: Stories about Dyslexia, and other related media like the upcoming DyslexiaStories podcast.  Raising Faith: Stories About Dyslexia, is a thirty minute film that shares real talk with nine families with children who are dyslexic. The film, set in people’s homes, shares the poignant stories, advice, and struggles of dyslexia and provides hope for families of unique learners. The film also discusses the genetic component of this learning difference through the experiences of Faith, a young dyslexic, her father, and others.


The forthcoming Dyslexia Stories podcast will also share stories about dyslexic learners and dyslexic experience. Raising Faith: Stories About Dyslexia, Dyslexia Stories, the Dyslexia Stories podcast, and the DX logo are copyrighted trademarks. For more information or interest in screening the film contact Stacey.Irwin@Millersville.edu