Awards & Laurels

We have gotten questions about the film’s festival journey so we’d like to share a little bit about our perspective on film festivals and why we enter them.

The film entered its first festival in 2019. A festival is the way we can get the film in front of a jury of professionals and filmmakers to get their opinion of the film. Each festival has a rubric and a specific way the film is judged based on the category it has been entered into. The film freeway platform has a bio of the team, a film poster, and some images, as well as a director’s statement.

We decided to use the Film Freeway platform to enter festivals to get feedback and to share the film more widely. And frankly, personal feedback is hard to come by, but we did get some important advice early on and redid our sound edit. Otherwise, the first step is to be awarded an official selection “laurel.’ A laurel is a festival branded “ribbon.” This is good feedback because it means that you were “officially’ selected above other films in your category, for a higher award. Our film is in the documentary short category most of the time, which is a fairly competitive category. Usually only a certain percentage of films are awarded a selection and in the case of “IMDB qualifying film festivals,”only 1/3rd of films can receive an award and some receive multiple awards so the pool for official selections and winners is comparitively small. A selection also depends on the kind of festival the group is running, and if it is monthly, bi-monthly, yearly, in person or online. Each festival treats awards, screenings and talk backs differently. It just depends. We’ve met some really nice people at film festivals.

We do not win all of the festivals we enter. It is a competition. Festivals exist to showcase films but also to generate and create publicity for mostly independently produced films. Film festivals are one of the main ways creators can display their films to large audiences. An award becomes really useful and is your proof that you can make films and that you are a credible filmmaker. For example, if a filmmaker is trying to obtain a production grant, the team will have a much greater chance of getting the grant if they’ve already won awards and proven that they can make award-winning content, rather than someone who hasn’t won anything. And we want to make our second dyslexia focused film.

Each festival, like most competitions, has an entry fee. We started entering “close to home” festivals we could drive to, and then the pandemic hit and this turned the world, as well as film festival situation, upside down. We knew that screenings might be online and festivals might be canceled but we kept plugging away. But we’ve screened a few, in person and online. And here we are, four years later, with three festival wins, some “almost won” awards, and some selections. The idea has always been dyslexic awareness and dyslexic advocacy. Once we are finished with the film festival process, the film will permanently land on a platform but we are not sure when that might be or what that might be. Until then, watch our socials for online and in person screenings and talk backs as we get the film out to the world.

FESTIVAL Selections

Onyko Films Awards

July 1, 2023


Golden Giraffe International Film Festival

April 30, 2023


Naples Film Awards

April 10, 2023

Award Winner

Hollywood on the Tiber Film Awards

April 10, 2023


Bestlov Film Festival

April 1, 2023


8 & Halfilm Awards

April 9, 2023

Award Winner

Hong Kong Indie Film Festival

March 3, 2023


Berlin Shorts Award

March 3, 2023


London Indie Short Festival

March 27, 2023


Vesuvius International Film Fest

February 25, 2023

Award Winner

Green Mountain Christian Film Festival

September 30, 2021


UFVA Conference

June 15, 2021

Selected, screened, talk back

Social World Film Festival

June 23, 2021


Sweden Film Awards

December 2, 2020


NY Inspirational Film Festival

August 5, 2021


Waco Family & Faith International Film Festival

December 7, 2020

Semi-Finalist, screened in Regal-Hollywood cinema with talk-back

Peak City International Film Festival

September 4, 2020

Semi-Finalist, screened online

Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival

May 19, 2021


Helsinki Education Film Festival International

August 7, 2020

Selected, screened online