Dyslexia Conference in Baltimore

I had the privilege of receiving a teachers scholarship to attend the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) Conference in Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland a few days ago.  The experience was a wonderful one; learned a lot, met a lot of nice people, and did I mention I learned a lot?  I have a stack of materials to go through and a pile of business cards from folks around the country who have an interest in contributing to the project.  I saw some great technology that might help Faith with her high school workload and I heard so many resonating stories from other parents and dyslexia experts.  I even learned about a book of poems by Phil Shultz called “My Dyslexia.”  I heard nationally known speakers Bennett and Sally Shaywitz talk about their current research out of Yale University, spoke with start-up companies searching for relevant technologies, and learned more about executive processing.  A great experience.  I feel like this project is a snowball rolling down hill and I am chasing it.  I need a sequel and I have not even completed the original!


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