Chasing the IMDB dream

Something great happened!

The official screening of our film in Waco, Texas was more than beneficial. Our screening was in an official cinema (Regal-Hollywood), which opened the doors to more opportunities to share the film in a select group of festivals called “IMDb qualifying.” To qualify, the festival must be selective about which films they accept. Usually this means at least a 3:1 ratio of submitted films to accepted films. So a festival that accepts all or most films will NOT be an IMDb-qualifying festival. These are also the more expensive festivals to enter, but we started to receive promo codes for 50-70% reduction in fees as an incentive to enter these IMDb qualifying film festivals and so far we have had great results. An IMDb listing was always a bucket list wish but we did not know if our little indie film about dyslexia perseverance was gonna get there. But we ARE persevering with great results! Join us on our journey to be an IMDb certified documentary.


One thought on “Chasing the IMDB dream

  1. Wow! That’s fantastic!! Congratulations!! 🙌🏻

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