A Finalist Award

The Latin inspiratus, the past participle of inspirare, means “to breathe into, inspire.” And we always keep our main goal in focus, to breathe life into the understanding of the unique learning difference called dyslexia. It is always such an honor for our film to be recognized by our peers and the wider community of filmmakers, and we are happy to celebrate that Raising Faith is a “Documentary Short” finalist in the NY Inspirational Film Festival. This is our second finalist award for the film and we so appreciate the positive critique. Onward and upward.

NY Inspirational Film Festival is an annual event, where both emerging and established filmmakers from all over the world come together and showcase their work in the heart of New York City. The Festival accepts short and full-length films of different genres like Narrative and Documentary, as well as different niche films, which makes it a unique festival. The festival will run for 24 hours beginning on the evening of August 25, 2021.


Lovely laurels from the festival

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