It’s official

The official HEFFI Laurels arrived in our inbox this morning. Aren’t they lovely. We wish so much to be able to walk the red carpet and watch the film premiere in an international arena in person in Helsinki, but are so happy that others can see the film.

Helsinki Education Film Festival International (also known as HEFFI) is a platform for filmmakers and educators established for the purpose of improving education and learning experience through films. Their objective is to provide a channel for educators and filmmakers in Finland and around the world to show, share, exchange ideas and methods, including non-traditional ways that will open greater opportunities for collaboration for further development of education. The role of videos in our generation’s learning is remarkably undeniable. Different online digital platforms are amassing followers by the millions, both youth and adults. Videos and films are the latest, most commonly used, and most engaging medium of information in our time.

HEFFI is specifically designed for this purpose – to educate the new generation through films.